SPOTLIGHT: Collier Stout honors MIT officer

SeanCollierCambridge Brewing Company’s newest beer has gained the attention of beer lovers nationwide. The local brewery will begin selling the “Collier Stout” in mid-June to honor Officer Sean Collier, with $1 of each $5.50 pint going to Collier’s memorial fund set up in conjunction with the Jimmy Fund.

Phil Bannatyne, owner of the CBC, says that the company will begin brewing the Irish stout in late May, with Rocky Mountain Brewery to release its own version of the stout as well. The Collier Stout will be released in a limited run from each brewery, so expect only about 2,000 pints to be produced by the CBC.

“I think Sean would be beside himself if he knew a beer was being named after him,” Travis Dixon, Collier’s roommate of the past three years, tells the Boston Globe.

“I can’t wait for this to come out so Travis and I can raise a toast to him — one last cheer,” added Collier’s other roommate, Tim Croke.
Despite receiving the go-ahead from Collier’s friends and family, the new brew has caused some controversy. “If one cent from any of it ends up in your pocket, you are disgusting,” says one online commenter on the CBC’s Facebook page, while other commenters lauded the CBC and inquired as to how they could have the beer sent to states like New York and North Carolina.

Another commenter on NPR’s noted that the CBC creates new beers on an almost-monthly basis, so beer lovers can think of the Collier Stout as less of a profit-snatching gimmick and more of a tribute to one of Somerville’s fallen heroes. –Jake Reed