NERD center

Located at 1 Memorial Drive, Microsoft’s New England Research and Development center (NERD) has been keeping things nerd-tastic.

The facility is owned and operated by Microsoft and houses a team of programmers, researchers and developers who test, program and work toward solving problems and developing state of the art technology. The lab explores new methods of research that bring together computer scientists and social scientists to “understand, model, and enable the computing and online experiences of the future,” according to its website.

The center holds regular events that range from seminars, tech meet ups, science clubs and presentations. Tonight at the “Boston New Tech Meetup,” six presenters from local start ups will demonstrate new technologies to potential clients, employees, investors and the generally interested public. For youth, The Harvard-MIT Math Tournament is held at the NERD and is set to take place on February 22nd, 2014. The annual competitive features high school students from around the world and is entirely created and run by Harvard and MIT undergraduates.