Support Cambridge Musicians on Bandcamp

CalArts School of Music faculty Wadada Leo Smith

Bandcamp is one of the internet’s best music businesses, a platform built on fair deals for artists. The website has been encouraging fans with funds to spare to support artists, waiving their revenue share on sales for 24 hours. on the first Friday of the month On March 20 and May 1, fans spent over $11.4 million on merchandise and music, which went directly to the artists. The campaign will continue July 5 plus an additional Juneteenth (6/19) observation where funds will be donated to the NAACP.

With streams of revenue jeopardized due to the coronavirus pandemic, music outlets are establishing their own efforts to support artists. Major tours and gigs have been suspended until the foreseeable future, but this has not stopped the demand for musical diversion. The shift to in-home livestreams has pushed artists toward digital engagement that rally support for both themselves and the music industry. Here’s a handful of our neighborhood favorites.

Thalia Zedek

Thalia Zedek is an underground legend, a noise rock goddess and simply one of the coolest people around. The indelible singer and guitarist has blazed her own trail for quite some time in the world of rock music. Her intense solo vocal performances are as passionate as the fervent instrumentals that come with it. A member Come, Uzi and Live Skull, Zedek has been twisting rock into mindbaneding shapes for almost four decades. Her September 2018 release Fighting Seasons contains musings that are breathtaking and pure artistry. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping her newest band, E, actually plays at ONCE in October.

The Water Cycle

Known for their pleasing odes to their crushes, The Water Cycle is a DIY jangle pop band with chiming melodies appropriate for the summery angst falling upon us. The trio’s music contains many rock and folk overtones, which is especially apparent in their February 2018 release, The Water Cycle Falls In Love. Their first EP, released in February 2017, is perfect for bathing under the quarantine sun, particularly “Boy at the Bar” and “If You Think.”  

Glenn Jones

Guitarist Glenn Jones has masterfully conquered the American primitive guitar, a fingerstyle genre originated in the late 1950s by musician John Fahey. Jones led the avant-rock group Cul de Sac, which he founded alongside keyboardist Robin Amos. He later picked up the electric guitar and banjo, making way for the elegant compositions of his pieces. He has delivered a range of lyrical classics since then. Albums such as Against Which the Sea Continually Beats, Fleeting and Waterworks are evidence of his skillful hold on the guitar.

Butch Baby

Butch Baby is an emerging punk band steering the DIY scene with a mesmerizing honesty. Led by vocalist and guitarist Shiloh Trudeau, much of their music channels a vulnerability regarding identity and sexuality. It is both vulgar and endearing, which has its own place in the world of punk music. Their unconventional style to their musicality is exactly what makes them stand out. They currently have an EP titled Stoned Butch Blues and the demo for Wish You Would listed for sale.