A-Listers: Bill Manley and Nephtaliem McCrary

If someone bequeathed to him a commercial space in Cambridge, he’d… It would be called Cassette Tapes and Milkshakes, and we would sell exactly that. And Walkmans, since no one has equipment to play cassette tapes anymore. And if you made a really good mix tape, you could sell it on consignment.

A-Listers: Ben Sacchetti and Chien-hwe Carol Hong

It’s 7 p.m. on a Friday and all of his friends have (non-lethal) bird flu. He would… Well, they already have it, so they can’t give it to each other, and it’s non-lethal, so I wouldn’t die. I’d just invite everybody over and have a bird flu party […] Heh, bird flu party. I’d serve […]

A-Listers: Ben Sommer

Any good town is built by people who know how to work hard and play hard, too, and the People’s Republic of Cambridge is no exception. That’s why this year’s A-Listers are folks who have helped shape the city where they live – sometimes literally – to be a cornucopia of killer music, dance, food, […]