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Cambridge Symphony Orchestra presents “Dancing with Demons”

The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra offers its first-ever performance of the symphonic poem The Oak by Florence Price, an early-twentieth-century African-American composer whose works are experiencing a major contemporary renaissance thanks to her distinctive voice. Max Levinson, a member of the piano faculty at both Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory, will join the CSO for Rachmaninoff’s devilish Rhapsody on […]

History Café 1: Digital Engagement

This year we at Cambridge Historical Society ask, “How does Cambridge engage?” On April 10, City Councilors Alanna Mallon and Sumbul Siddiqui discuss “How does Cambridge engage in the digital realm?” Chatting about local politics and their weekly podcast, “Women Are Here,” the two city councilors will reflect on the ways local government has engaged with residents historically, and how […]

Fall Symposium “Where is Cambridge From?”

The Past and Present of Immigration and Sanctuary Who is Welcome and Safe Here? Who feels welcome and safe in Cambridge? A look at the city’s history around immigration and sanctuary can reveal some compelling truths about the present. Cambridge became a sanctuary city in 1985, but what does sanctuary really mean for residents, for […]

Opening Conversation & Annual Meeting

Join us at this Opening Conversation, launching our 2018 theme, “Where is Cambridge From?” Opening Conversation speakers Alexandra Sedlovskaya and Dr. Kerri Greenidge, guided by Diana Lempel; will be setting the table for this year’s programs which will explore the ways Cantabrigians define where they’re “from” and why it matters. What makes someone feel they’re […]

Introducing Community Blog Posts

Have strong opinions? Good, because we want to hear ’em. Dust off your laptops and flex those typing fingers – Scout Cambridge is now accepting submissions for community blog posts.