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SCOUT PICKS: 11/28/14 – 11/30/14

Slowly emerging from your Thanksgiving food coma? Finally feeling ready to leave the house? Good! Try one of our weekend Scout Picks. Friday, 11/28 MIT SGS Public Board Games Night 7 – 11:30 p.m., Free MIT Strategic Games Society 142 Memorial Drive Come get nerdy with MIT’s Strategic Games Society, where members will be playing Settlers […]


The Holidays are closing in on us – and, soon thereafter, the arid expanse of Winter. Scout Picks are in so enjoy this pre-Christmas interregnum while you can with this lovely smattering of cultural offerings, including everything from girl-punk and girl-heavy-metal to Baroque to football to cheese.

SCOUT PICKS: Post-Thanksgiving

Have you finally awoken from your food coma? Having filled your stomach with enough food to last a year, are you now hungering for something to do? Look no further than Scout Picks special post-Thanksgiving choices, after the jump as usual.