Open Kitchens Project celebrates Black History Month with Zimbabwean Cuisine

Join us for a pop-up dinner event at CultureHouse in Kendall Square Cambridge. Open Kitchens Project is offering Zimbabwean cuisine cooked by Tatenda Shumirai Ngwaru, an immigrant from Zimbabwe. She is an asylum seeker, intersex advocate, and believes nothing gets a conversation going better than delicious food on the table. Tatenda has previously shared her […]


Diana Oh is a witch. She knows it. So do her closest friends. Clairvoyance runs in her family. She went to a spiritual counselor in the jungle in Thailand, and the spiritual counselor told her to sing and go wild in Boston. Everything else the spiritual counselor said came true, so Diana is doing it. […]


ANTHEM is a debut two-woman show featuring Justice Ameer and Chrysanthemum Tran, esteemed Rhode Island-based poets and performers. From praise songs to war cries to bops you can’t help but dance to, anthems have long been the heartbeat of political liberation. ANTHEM, an hour-long performance, explores how race and gender politics shape reality for transgender woman of […]

Butch Heroes – Talk with author & artist Ria Brodell

Join us for an exciting talk with author and artist Ria Brodell about Butch Heroes, a collection of a series of portraits and texts that recover lost queer history: the lives of people who didn’t conform to gender norms, from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries. Described as “a serious—and seriously successful—queer history recovery project” […]


As recognition for same-sex partnerships spreads across the US and parts of the world, so too do “religious freedom” laws that are simply discrimination by another name. While trans voices and figures gain unprecedented visibility in a variety of mediums, the insultingly ignorant barrage of invasive questions are never far away. And with so many nations passing draconian […]