The Story Space

Amy Oestreicher Featured at Story Space Tue 08/08/2017

Amy Oestreicher’s grandmother was an 18-year-old prisoner in Auschwitz who built a life in Brooklyn after WW II. Amy’s drive to know how her grandmother and other relatives healed after the war yielded interviews spanning 3 generations and 7 countries, and feature historical documents, recordings, and photos. There is a $5 requested donation. Feature’s website: […]

Katie Green Featured at Story Space Tue 07/25/2017

Katie Green tells stories of truth, folk and faery. She’s known for her love of Egyptian myths and Hans Christian Andersen stories. On this night, Katie will tell the Andersen tale, “The Will ‘o the Wisps are in Town,” said the Bog Witch. Hosted By: Ellen Robertson There is a $5 requested donation. Feature’s website: […]

SCOUT OUT: Out of the Blue, into the New

Central Square has had many a building stand empty for years, 541 Massachusetts Ave. being one of them. The building used to house a Blockbuster Video, but for the last six or seven years it has been vacant, aside from the occasional pop-up. Every once in a while rumors about the location would become the […]