the thalia

Pantie’s Inferno

Down, down, down… follow the Path of Good Intentions and stand before the great, grim iron gates whose inscription reads “Through me the way is to the dolorous city; Through me the way is to eternal woe; Through me the way among the perditious; Through me a great show with a super-talented cast”. Visit with […]

Beer, Corned Beef and Music: St. Patrick’s Day Happenings in Cambridge

Everyone’s honorarily Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, which means the whole city gets to celebrate. Whether you want to fill your day (and your stomach) with corned beef or green beer, there’s something happening around Cambridge¬†for you. We’ve rounded up the best of the festivities for this weekend; all you have to do is focus […]

A New Performing Arts Center Will Soon Debut in Central Square

“One of the things that has been happening, sadly, over the last five or six years, is that the number of small- to mid-size venues has been shrinking, while the demand for them has been increasing. There’s no shortage of interesting performers in Boston, but there’s a desperate need for places where they can perform.” […]