Tatte Bakery’s Harvard Square Location Opens Tomorrow

tatte bakery

After 14 weeks of careful construction, the newest Tatte Bakery location in Cambridge will open its doors at 7 a.m. tomorrow.

“That’s exciting, and it’s also a relief,” laughs owner Tzurit Or.

The Harvard Square Tatte (1288 Mass. Ave.) is the biggest of the bakery’s six locations throughout Greater Boston and its first two-floored outpost, and it was quite an undertaking for Or, who meticulously designs each of her eateries. “It’s a very personal, emotional process,” she says. In tackling this 5,000-plus square-foot space, Or drew her inspiration from European train stations—and just wait until you see the 100-pound, vintage station clock she had shipped over from France.

Her personality shines through the space in subtler ways as well. Take the numbered stairs; Or always counts stairs as she ascends them, and she wanted to add that personal touch to the Harvard Square location. (“When I first said to the constructor, ‘I want to number the stairs,’ they looked at me like I had two heads,” she laughs.)

Those numbered stairs lead to a quieter second floor meant for laptop users and readers, though the upstairs space offers far more than just seating. There’s a second coffee bar, along with giant, custom-made, marble-topped table around which people will be able to gather for classes and events.

“Whether you come in for something quick or you have time before your train comes … you can choose how you want to spend your time,” Or notes. “They’re very different spaces, but they connect together … You feel so welcome, and you feel like you’re in Tatte.”

As for the food, you’ll be able to find the sandwiches, soups and shakshuka that make up the fall menu at each Tatte location, but Or says that there will be “many many many” specials. “We have quite a few talents here in the kitchen,” she notes. And thanks to a brand new arsenal of state of the art equipment, she says her talented team will be able to bake breads and pastries that she says are “even better” than they were before—if you can believe that’s possible.

As with each Tatte Bakery outpost, Or sees the Harvard Square spot as a community space, and she wants to welcome the small business community as well. Tatte’s other locations have been a home for a CSA with Fivefork Farms that runs throughout the summer and fall, which is a relationship Or hopes to continue. She’d love to see Fivefork teaching classes about flower bouquets at the Harvard Square Tatte, and she wants other small businesses to know that her door is open to them as well.

“Whoever wants some exposure—reach out to us,” she says, adding that she doesn’t charge small entrepreneurs and artisans who want to host popups in collaboration with Tatte. “I would love to help whoever I can.”

You can read even more about Or’s buildout process on the Tatte blog.