Tech: The Bot Side

the bot side

The Bot Side is the robotics team at the Community Charter School of Cambridge founded in October 2011 with the belief that “everyone should have the opportunity to see and work with robotics.”

As team 5397, Bot Siders compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), which engages middle and high school students in head-to- head competitions with robots they design and build from scratch. Each team receives the same set of parts without instructions to let their creativity and tech skills shine. The robots must be assembled and programmed to play a game with complex rules, and each year the game changes.

The current team includes: Ishrat Aishee ’16, manager; Arnav Chatterjee ’15, commander; Gaurav Chatterjee ’14, software; Sam Clark ’14, software; Stephen Felix ’14, hardware; Domonique Griffin ’16, outreach; Biondy Lisieux ’14, manager; Masroque Musa ’14, outreach; Tristan Pepin ’14, captain; Ranjan Regmi ’17, hardware and Mehret Tadesse ’14, hardware.

The Bot Side team also includes their robot creations, aptly named da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo.

According to founding member Lisieux, one of the best things about robotics is “how so many people try to reach the same goal but everyone is doing it in so many different ways. There is no ‘right’ or ‘correct’ way to set out and do things, there are only ways that are different.”

The Bot Side hosts two annual events, FIRST Expo, which was held at the MIT Museum on February 17, and Flowers Sprout FIRST in the spring. They placed third among 19 other FTC teams and won the Connect Award for best outreach. The Bot Side has also qualified for the Massachusetts State Competition in March at Bridgewater State University.