Thanks, Moms. We Love You.

To all the moms of Cambridge and Somerville. To all the moms in Boston and Boston and Boxford. From North Adams to North Attleboro and back to North Andover. To all the bio-moms, adoptive-moms, step-moms and friend-moms.

To all the moms everywhere: Thanks for everything. We love you.

The last few months have been hard as heck. Whether we’re working on the frontlines or working at home, everything is more difficult. The toughest job in the world somehow became tougher and y’all have risen to the challenge. 

Sure things might not be magazine-grade tidy. (Especially here at Scout Magazine.) Rules have evaporated into thin air and the underage inmates are definitely running the asylum. Chaos reins supreme and yet debilitating boredom lies in just around the corner. 

Your work/life balance looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. You are an educator, chef and cop. You have taken on more responsiblities than any of us asked for and it is draining and despiriting. And to top it off, the world is burning all around us.

But here’s the thing: 

You are making it work during one of the most tumultous times in human history. That is beyond badass and you deserve a socially-distanced high five. And a glass of wine. Or maybe some some baked goods. You definitely deserve a virtual hug.

Moms, you are holding the fabric of society together. You are shaping the future in the midst of unprecedented doom and gloom. You are doing the damn thing and we thank you for that. You’re the best and we love you.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Scout Magazine.