The Wellness Issue

It’s 2018, believe it or not, and a common refrain around this part of the calendar is the wish for a “happy and healthy new year.” People share this wish with others, and harbor it for themselves—making New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, take up a new hobby that they’ve always wanted to do, or to give back to their community in some way.

This special time of the year, when our lives are up for reevaluation and reforming, inspired us to create a Wellness Issue. We dive into what wellness is and can be, challenging a limited definition of the concept and presenting some of the awe-inspiring people in the city who are pushing for wellness, both for themselves and for others.

Our cover features Sheree Watson, a woman who faced numerous health problems and came out stronger. She’s a proponent of the November Project, which forges bonds through grueling group exercises.

We also highlight two Harvard Law students who know firsthand the importance of community spaces for marginalized groups. They put together a Queer Crush Happy Hour designed to compensate for the lack of dyke bars in the city.

In this issue we also explore the mental health benefits of being present and how you can learn this tricky skill, and look at what your blood can say about you. Plus we’ve put together a roundup of the city’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants, for those of you who are hoping to squeeze more meatless or animal product-free meals into your new year.

We hope this issue can help you think about what wellness is for you and that it shows the many efforts that are being made to make Cambridge a healthier city.

From all of us here at Scout, we hope you have a happy and healthy new year.

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