Documenting Our City During The Stay-At-Home Advisory With #TheFrontStepsProject

Emily and Graham with their children. All photos by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Scout’s first weekend participating in #TheFrontStepsProject as a way of raising funds was a blast!

#TheFrontStepsProject, started by photographer Cara Soulia in Needham, is a way of fostering connection, documenting the people of the community during this time of separation, and raising awareness for Scout’s fundraising efforts—all from the safety of home. 

Scout is in trouble, and we want to continue doing the important work of documenting the community, but we need your help. If you are able to give us the gift of a donation, we would love to return the favor with a family photo like the ones at the bottom of this page. 

While the coronavirus outbreak has left all of us sitting inside, there’s still nothing wrong with walking to the front door. That’s where our participating photographers Adrianne, Sasha, and Amanda come in. They want to take photos of you from a safe distance (of about 10 feet) at your front door with your family, your roommates, your dog—anyone who’s been keeping you sane during this time. 

These sessions last about five minutes. 

We have availability throughout this week, including this afternoon! If you’d like  to schedule to have your photo taken by one of our photographers in return for a donation to Scout of any size, please email Holli at

We are a little over $1,000 away from our March fundraising need — meaning that if 100 people donated $10, or 50 people donated $20, or 25 donated $40, we’d be at our goal! This will only go to pay our writers who have been working around the clock since Scout’s operation became online-first. 

Learn more about our fundraising efforts here. 

To donate, please click here.

You can also send a check to: Banks Publications – 519 Somerville Ave. #314, Somerville, MA 02143.

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