Veggie Galaxy Beats Blasé Beverages with Booze Époque

veggie galaxyA Narragansett Michelada (left) and a vegan eggnog Olorosso sherry frappe, two of the new creations from Booze Époque for Veggie Galaxy.

Get ready to love your favorite veg dining spot even more than you do now: Veggie Galaxy and Booze Époque have teamed up to bring you a brand new, vegan-friendly bar menu—and it’s going to be totally one-of-a-kind.

“We’ve been charged with creating an interesting menu with a somewhat limited set of ingredients,” says Booze Époque’s Meaghan Sinclair. She and partner Harmony Dawn are not only working within the constraints of formulating a fully vegan bar experience, but are also contending with the fact that Veggie Galaxy doesn’t have a full liquor license. Energized by the challenge, the pair are getting creative in more ways than one when it comes to concocting boozy shakes and mixed drinks for the new menu. The resulting beverages will be anything but boring—think milkshakes crafted with port and sherry, vegan egg nog (!) and a new mimosa with fresh-squeezed citrus, vermouth and Prosecco. There will be herbed sangrias with fresh beets and apricots, and the cocktails will be flavored with syrups—rose cardamom, cinnamon and more—made in-house and, when possible, with locally-sourced fruits and veggies. “We wanted to use [Veggie Galaxy’s] ethos—fresh fruits, interesting ingredients—in the beverages,” Sinclair explains.

“But wait!” you’re thinking. “I’m not a health nut! I come to Veggie Galaxy for the mac and cheese and stay for the chipotle black bean burger.” Never fear: Booze Epoque’s new drink list will also include a selection of beer-based cocktails (like the ‘gansett Michelada pictured above) to accompany the diner’s classic, greasy-spoon menu items. In fact, the beer list is getting a complete overhaul, and will soon be entirely comprised of local, New England-made brews. The wine list will also get an update, but the focus there is less on local, more on finding quality vino at a reasonable price point. (“It’s a diner, we’re not going to be selling 30 dollar glasses of wine,” laughs Sinclair.)

Even the bar itself is getting a facelift; the front counter will soon be bar height, and the waiting area, when not packed with hungry veggie lovers waiting for a table and a taste of the new drink menu, will serve as a small lounge area.

Drooling yet? You’ll have to tame your salivary glands for just a bit longer; the revamped bar, which was initially slated to launch later this month, will make its debut in November.