Veggie Planet Needs Your Help!

veggie planetPhoto courtesy of Veggie Planet

Earlier this week, Veggie Planet posted the following to their Facebook page:

“Looks like the word is out, so we want to provide some facts.

It’s very sad, but true; Veggie Planet will not exist in its current location beyond the end of August (OPERATIONS WILL CONTINUE AS NORMAL UNTIL THEN!).

Since Club Passim’s seating capacity was reduced in late 2011 due to fire code enforcement, and given that there is no table turnover in their concert room every night, it has become unsustainable to continue to operate Veggie Planet in this space.

We hope that it will live on in a new location – – hopefully right in Harvard Square where there is such a great community of regular customers. Some of these folks eat here nearly every day of the week, and for that we’ve been incredibly grateful. Given that we also operate Veggie Galaxy, however, we feel that our attention is better focused on Galaxy than on the time and energy it would take to transfer Veggie Planet’s operations to an alternative location.

Therefore, we sincerely hope that potential new owners will come forward to operate Veggie Planet in a new space. Interested, or know somebody who might be? Email Adam at

We here at the Scout wish the Veggie Planet crew the best luck in finding a new space to settle down in – please help get the word out. We’re sure there’s some intelligent life in the universe that has a hankering for peanut curry.