Wascally wabbit hops around Harvard Yard

HarvardbunnyHere comes Peter Cottontail? Not exactly. With Easter tiptoeing around the corner, there’s an onslaught of rabbit sightings in Cambridge.

For the non-believers, Scout photographer Ryan Miner snapped a photo of a wayward bunny in Harvard Yard today.
The four-legged critters made the inaugural edition of Scout Cambridge, hopping onto our new “Winners & Losers” list.

Here’s the lowdown:

“Walk around the [Charles] River path near Harvard,” tweets Nat Tarbox, “and there’s a rabbit every 10 feet.” One sighting suggests the breeding bunnies are anything but warm and fuzzy. Think Donnie Darko. “Look closely at them,” reports Siobhan Gallagher. “Don’t think they’re cottontails but, rather, an invasive breed.”

Hossenfeffer, anyone?