WHAT’S NEW: Central Square Library to Close for Renovations

 The Cambridge Public Library’s Central Square Branch recently revealed a new renovation project that will render the entire building unsafe for resident access. During the afternoon of August 30, the library will close to allow for several hours of drilling to begin the project.

Though regular hours will be maintained throughout the month of September, starting October 1, the building will close its doors for an expected three months. This news may come as an unwanted surprise to students who will soon return to the area planning to use the public workspace and its resources during the fall semester.

So, what can we expect to see after the transformation? A brand new elevator, which will make navigating the building’s multiple floors easier for all, especially those with disabilities. During the construction, the library’s courtyard book drop will remain open and available to all.

These changes, while welcome, will definitely change the vibe of Central Square, as the library is consistently crowded with parents, children, students and professionals. Luckily, this will be the only branch undergoing a major renovation, and both the Main and Valente locations are close enough to ease this major inconvenience.

-Ali Antonucci