What’s New? Pu Pu Hot Pot closes

PuPuHotPotPu Pu Hot Pot, a Chinese restaurant located on Main Street, has officially closed its doors. The restaurant space will soon re-open as The Dumpling Room, which will feature dumplings as well as classic Taiwanese dishes.

The eccentric name and respectful service of Pu Pu Hot Pot makes the restaurant one that is sure to be missed among Cambridge residents.

Pu Pu Hot Pot even stole the title show in Ben Brusey’s book Pu Put Hot Pot: The World’s Best Restaurant Names.

Toscanini’s, the well-known Cambridge ice cream shop located next door to Pu Pu Hot Pot, is disheartened to see Pu Pu Hot Pot closing its doors. An emotional status update, written by Toscanini’s owner Gus Rancatore, was on the Toscanini’s Facebook page on Monday, June 10th. The update revealed just how close the ties were between the two locals.

In addition, owner Patty Chen and her husband Marc Shulman also plan on revealing the renewed version of their Central Square music venue. Formerly known as All Asia, the new venue renamed to Prospect Lounge will soon be located close to The Dumpling Room.

The opening day of The Dumpling Room is still to be determined, but is planned for sometime this month. –Jen Morgan