What’s New?: Beat Hotel hits Harvard Square

Harvard Square, once home to the hoppinest tune-joints in town, has in recent years increasingly been living up to its unfortunate surname.

But not for long: Cambridge Day reports that Jack Bardy, co-owner of Beehive in the South End, is set to save the Square from the maw of squaresville when the Beat Hotel, his 328-seat jazz club and brasserie, opens at 11a Brattle St., in the empty basement space where the Tannery once stood.

The Beat Hotel has been a long time coming: the Day reported back in March of 2012 that Burdy had designs on Brattle Square, although details on the new digs, then called Liberal Servings, remained sketchy. We knew it would be on the small side, and would feature live music, but further questions about its vibe remained unanswered.

But with the new name, which Burdy will submit to the city’s License Committee tonight, the whole scene pops into focus. Borrowed (presumably) from the nickname Gregory Corso gave to the ramshackle hotel where he and his Beat Generation friends stayed for a spell in the late 1950’s, “the Beat Hotel” suggests a cool and quiet live-jazz venue where Cambridge’s hep cats can enjoy a drink and a hushed conversation, without having to fear any loud, hot tunes showing up to harsh the vibe.

Details of menu, hours and drinks remain under wraps, but stay tuned for more in the coming days as the minutes from Bardy’s License Committee hearing go public. -Nick Cox