Scout Out!: Tropical Paradise in a Glass

Written by J Patrick Brown. Posted in Business, Community, Food

SCdrinkBeat Hotel’s Soursop Fresca
By Sam Trevino

Beat Hotel has only been open for a short time in Harvard Square, but it has already become a destination for delectable grub and fancypants libations for any occasion. If wanting a drink on a sweltering summer’s day isn’t an occasion then I don’t know what is.

The bar staff are as knowledgeable about their craft as they are dapper, which is to say that they really know how to make a good drink. While whiskey might be ideal for keeping warm in the wintertime, we’re now smack-dab in the middle of clear spirit season.

In summer, people’s inclination for alcoholic refreshment leans towards light and refreshing liquors such as gin, vodka and white rum. The Soursop Fresca at Beat Hotel fits these criteria perfectly.

Scout Out!: Memory Lane

Written by J Patrick Brown. Posted in Arts, Community, Music

bbA-BOB (152)By Nick Cox
Photos Courtesy of WJIB 740

If you are near a radio right now, turn it on. Switch it over to AM, and set the dial to 740. Now close your eyes and try to tell me what year it is.

Answer: Hard to say, but definitely not 2014. The station’s eclectic mix of vocal and instrumental easy-listening classics, played in the lo-fi mono of the AM band, transports the listener to another time. Familiar tracks from the likes of Perry Como, Tom Jones and the Everly Brothers appear alongside more obscure selections, as well as the occasional instrumental track – a bit of Baroque here, a lushly-orchestrated piano rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner there – for a cocktail of beautiful and timeless pop that brings old folks back to their youth, and young people (among whom the station has a passionate cult following) to a dreamlike time they never knew.

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