SCOUT OUT: Tips from Cambridge Authors

The blank page and relentless flashing of Word’s cursor can be a writer’s worst enemies. Gathering inspiration, dealing with writer’s block and finding the perfect place to write are common challenges for many writers. But thankfully, Cambridge is home to impressive historic and contemporary writers, some of whom are willing to share their trade secrets […]

Out of the Blue Gallery Needs Your Help!

Out of the Blue Gallery, Prospect Ave.’s beloved little venue space, is looking for a new home. Citing real estate issues that are becoming all too familiar with the continued development of Central Square, owner Tom Tipton is relocating to an as-yet undetermined location, and looking for donations to help ease the costs. You can […]

Click and Clack Talk Cars: Not (Just) Blowing Hot Air

FROM KING FEATURES SYNDICATE By Tom and Ray Magliozzi Dear Tom and Ray: I have a 2002 Honda Civic. My air conditioner starts off blowing cool air, but after several miles of driving, it blows only hot air. The Honda dealer told me the compressor is shot and must be replaced (total cost just under […]