live music

Matt Holubowski / Sola Vera

Born  of  a  Polish  father  and  a  Quebecer  mother,  Matt  Holubowski  grew  up  in  a  bilingual  household  in  Hudson,  QC  and  has  always  lived  at  the  crossroads  of  the  French  and  English  languages.  This  notion  of  isolation  of  two  cultures  within  a  single  territory  fascinates  this  globe-trotter;  lover  of  his  planet  and  its  infinite  cultures.  […]

House of Waters

In today’s world, there are no musical boundaries,” says Max ZT of House of Waters, a trio that makes those words come alive as they incorporate elements of West-African, jazz, psychedelic, indie rock, classical and world music into their astonishingly unique sound.Five years after their groundbreaking Revolution, House of Waters now returns with its eponymous […]

Mo Lowda & Friends Unplugged

Known for its progressive songwriting and energetic live performances, Mo Lowda & Friendsstarted in the beer-soaked basements of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After the release of its first full length album in 2013, the trio, consisting of Jordan Caiola, Shane Woods, and Nate Matulis, began playing venues throughout the city. After experiencing the high of multiple sold-out […]

Ciaran Lavery

Ciaran Lavery is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Aghagallon, a small village in northern Ireland, with a knack for poetic, heart-stopping lyrics. Lavery earned the Northern Ireland Music Prize for his 2016 album Let Bad In and has accumulated more than 80 million streams on Spotify during his five-year solo career. He recorded his new album, Sweet Decay, at Camden Studios in Dublin. […]

Elise LeGrow

Elise LeGrow is a Canadian powerhouse vocalist who melds fiery passion and sophistication with just a hint of sandpaper grit. With a thunderous rasp, spellbinding style, and elegant, dynamic mystique, LeGrow has wowed everyone from Questlove to R&B legend Betty Wright. “Elise possesses a flair for crafting a timeless song into her own,” says Wright. “She’s […]

Gillian Grogan & Bold Forbes at Club Passim

Gillian Grogan Website: Gillian Grogan is a Cambridge based songwriter with a knack for weaving narratives. Her songs are anything but Five Feet Small, wading through salty rhythms of travels past, emerging between the forest flows, the resin of a thoughtful youth. Global folk and Appalachian influences have pinned the proverbial blooms in the hair […]

Scott Helman

Finding his musical influences in album-focused artists like Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Cure, Bon Iver and Paul Simon, Canadian singer-songwriter Scott Helman returns May 12, 2017 with his debut full-length album, Hôtel de Ville. Recorded in Toronto at Revolution Recording and produced by Tawgs Salter (Lights, Walk Off The earth, USS), the […]

Oliver the Crow & Caroline Cotter CD Release

“Within a week of meeting each other, we began mapping musical ideas and plans to record an EP,” cellist Kaitlyn Raitz says of her first encounter with fiddler Ben Plotnick, before they even lived in the same city. The term mapping is spot on. Each of the ten original songs on Raitz and Plotnick’s first […]

campfire. festival

It started as a way to fill a bad booking weekend in 1998, but over the course of more than 15 years, the campfire. festival has become the single-biggest way that Passim develops new talent and celebrates the Boston area’s amazing music scene. Originally called, “On the Cutting Edge of the Campfire,” the festival combined […]

Maeve Gilchrist, Nic Careiss, Natalie Haas & Yann Falquet

Described by one critic as “a phenomenal harp player who can make her instrument ring with unparalleled purity,” Maeve Gilchrist has taken the Celtic harp to new levels of performance. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Maeve‘s innovative approach to her instrument stretches its harmonic limits and improvisational […]

The Way Down Wanderers

Equal parts fast-paced and soulful, 5-piece modern-folk Americana act, The Way Down Wanderers, draw listeners in with energy, originality and soulful generosity. Playing, performing and writing together for just 3 short years, the Wanderers have built an enthusiastic and fast-growing following. Youthful and professionally trained, these young men captivate audiences with soaring instrumentals, foot stomping […]

Caroline Spence & Robby Hecht CD Release

Ever since the release of Blood on the Tracks  in 1975, Dylan posed the challenge to every songwriter that came after him: Can life’s emotional complexities be rendered simply? Can a song be so intensely personal that it somehow manages to reach beyond itself towards something universal? With this record, Dylan turned the American Songwriter […]