Here’s What to Watch at This Year’s Boston Underground Film Festival

boston underground film festivalIn the psych-horror film "Bitch," Jason Ritter is a less-than-ideal husband whose wife begins adopting some canine characteristics.

If you weren’t at the Brattle Theatre last night to kick off this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival, then we’re sorry to say you missed Prevenge, a horror flick about a pregnant woman on a killing spree spurred on by her unborn baby. From writer, director and star Alice Lowe, the film is in turns horrifying and hilarious—and features one notable dismemberment sure to make the men in the theater, especially, squirm in their seats.

But, this being the Boston Underground Film Festival and all, we have good news for you: There’s plenty more campy, cut-throat, off-the-wall cinema ahead.

In fact, if you missed Prevenge but are into feminist films from talented triple-threats, there’s Bitch, from writer/director/co-star Marianna Palka, which closes out BUFF on Sunday night. Palka’s work follows a suburban housewife who snaps under pressure and subsequently snaps at others, exhibiting the behavior of a particularly vicious dog. If you like your horror dystopian-style there’s the German flick Hidden Reserves (Sunday, 4 p.m.), which imagines a not-too-distant future in which deceased debtors are made to pay from the afterlife.

The Homegrown Horror block (Friday, 5:15 p.m.) never disappoints. Now in its fourth year, it’s bringing eight bite-sized bursts of bloody and bizarre fare from local directors to the screen. And a little later on Friday night, there’s a much-speculated-over secret screening—a BUFF first—that has cinephiles buzzing.

“We pursued this screening with tenacity,” writes BUFF director of programming Nicole McControversy. “For every no, we countered with a how about… After much convincing, the decision makers in question agreed on condition of it being a secret, and so here we are, sharing a fantastic film with all of you, whose identity won’t be revealed until the lights go down.”

Still, we’re perhaps most excited for Dave Made a Maze (Sunday, 6:15 p.m.), in which the titular character gets lost in a cardboard labyrinth he constructed in his living room, causing his girlfriend, a team of pals and a camera crew to climb in after him. The premise could be almost whimsical, and it is… right up until it’s horrifying.

If you’re not into blood and guts or all this sounds a little too out-there for your taste, you can catch the doc A Life in Waves on Sunday at 3:15; it tells the story of the innovative electronic composer Suzanne Ciani, who penned synth-heavy commercial songs, opera scores and and more. Or check out Fraud (Saturday, 12 p.m.), a totally innovative take on “found footage” that director Dean Fleischer-Camp made by editing together home movies he tracked down on YouTube.

And hey, there’s always Saturday morning cartoons and an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet.

The full Boston Underground Film Festival lineup is available here, and you can grab passes and tickets here