The greenest commuters in the nation?

photo-7As if Cambridge needed yet another reason to brag., a website concerned with you saving an extra buck or two, named Cantabrigians the greenest commuters in the nation, ahead of New Yorkers, Bostonians and San Franciscans.

To reach that conclusion, the website scored the environmental impact of a single person’s commute. Naturally, they considered biking and walking to work or working from home to have the lowest impact on nature, while someone who drives alone to work to have the highest effect on the environment.

Using data from the U.S. census, they awarded one point for each person who walks, bikes or works from home, 0.75 for residents who take public transportation, 0.5 for anybody that carpools and zero points for the lone car drivers.

The census data showed that 36.4% of Cantabrigians walk, bike or work from home, the highest percentage in the country. Other 29.6% Cambridge residents take public transportation, while 5% of them carpool.In the end, Cambridge achieved a 61.1 score on the website’s list, a full 1.4 points over New York, the second-highest rank list.

In addition, the website highlighted Cambridge’s “strong commitment to sustainability by using green vehicles for public transportation, LED street lights and a comprehensive recycling system,” and noted that the city has a walkability rating of 89/100 onĀ WalkScore.

Keep walking, biking and commuting, Cambridge. You’re the best in the country at it.