Girls to the Front End at the Women’s Coding Collective

The tech industry may be on the cutting edge when it comes to discovering all earthly computing possibilities, but from a diversity standpoint, it’s not doing so hot. According to 2010 U.S. Census data, the ratio of computer science degrees earned by women at major universities has dropped to a slim 14 percent, down from 37 […]

With Bag Ban Looming, We’ve Tote-ally Got You Covered

On March 31—almost one year to the day after Cambridge city council voted 8-1 in favor of the Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance—the city’s ban officially goes into effect. No longer will you be able to stash your purchases in a single-use plastic bag; instead, you’ll have to BYO (or pay a minimum of 10 cents for each paper […]

Hidden Gems: Visiting the City’s Less Famous Sites

When you’ve lived in any area for a while, you start to run out of ideas for places to go when siblings, in-laws or old college roommates come to visit. In Greater Boston, there are the old reliables: the Science Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Harvard Art Museums. But dig a little deeper, […]

Making the Past Present at the Cambridge Historical Society

Tucked away in the 17th-Century Hooper-Lee-Nichols House, about halfway between Harvard Square and Fresh Pond Parkway, the Cambridge Historical Society doesn’t see much foot traffic. And that’s just fine with recently hired Executive Director Marieke Van Damme. “We’ve realized that being a museum is not what’s going to bring people to this site,” Van Damme […]

Finding an Inner Space

Located at 1110 Mass. Ave., Inner Space Meditation Center & Gallery is not situated in what one would call a peaceful place. The traffic level is steady outside their glass storefront, and it’s a little hard to believe that anything relaxing can go on in a place that borders the urban essence so closely. But all it takes is a […]

Love On Ice: U.S. Women Go Pro For the First Time

When you’re a kid in small town New England, you’re going to spend a disproportionate amount of your life playing street hockey. Even if your parents aren’t crazy enough to commit to the early morning practices and threat of potential injury that comes with actual hockey, they’re definitely going to put a stick in your hands and send you out to shoot […]

Love, Factually

Valentine’s Day is arguably the most political holiday we celebrate all year. If you’re in a couple, you might be faced with the societal expectations of the day: the card, the gift, the dinner reservations. If you’re uncoupled, you’re all but forced to weigh in on the holiday, like a pundit trying to find new takes on Donald Trump’s […]

There’s an App for That: Can For-Profit Companies Fix Social Ills?

On its surface, the tech industry is one that’s steeped in optimism and altruism. Thousands of the world’s smartest people are teaming up to find solutions to even the most minute problems. They’re building apps that aim to make customers’ lives healthier, easier, more organized, more peaceful—or even more meaningful (yes, there are apps for […]

A Faster, Better #1 Bus and More Participatory Budgeting Winners

The second round of Participatory Budgeting wrapped up last week, with more funds to spread around ($600,000, up from $500,000), a greater number of project proposals (540 rather than 380) and a 53 percent increase in overall voter participation. That big spike in interest could be due to the retooling of the PB timeline—last year, […]

Scoop Sights Dishes out Dairy-Free Deliciousness

Between FoMu’s two locations in Allston and Jamaica Plain, the new dairy-free ice cream Just Bananas and the recent Ben & Jerry’s announcement that they’re working on a line of milk-less frozen treats, this is truly a golden age for Greater Boston’s vegan, lactose intolerant and combination vegan/lactose intolerant ice cream lovers. But we only know of one local ice cream alternative that’s delivered by […]

Spice up your life with the Craic & Blonde

Blonde Beauchamp believes in fostering human connections through food. A self-taught chef, Beauchamp learned to cook in the way some musicians learn to play by ear. In her childhood kitchen, the first-generation Haitian-American followed her mother’s lead. “My mother was always in the kitchen, but she was sort of quiet about what she was doing. […]