Scout Picks

SCOUT PICKS: 11/14/14 – 11/16/14

Friday, 11/14 7 p.m., Free Grubstreet Launch Lab: Visual Storytelling; Prose as Pictures and Pictures in Prose Harvard Bookstore 1256 Mass Ave. Join authors Thomas McNeely and Annie Weatherwax as they discuss their latest novels, and pick up a copy of each with a special 20 percent discount. 8 p.m., $17 San Fermin The Sinclair […]

SHAG Discount Weekend

Haven’t gotten your tickets to SHAG yet? Worried you’re going to miss an amazing evening of music, dance, and sh(w)ag? Starting today, you can snag seat in the upper balcony for $15, and the lower balcony seating is a steal at $20, with an additional $5 off the Cuisine En Locale VIP after-party. This offer […]