On Stands Now: Technology & Transportation

Technology & Transportation

Photos by Sasha Pedro.

In this issue, we tackle two topics that touch everyone’s lives: technology and transportation. From startup founders to transportation advocates, from technology users to public transit riders, most of us engage with these themes on a daily basis.

We started by looking at ways technology lets you take things into your own hands. There’s Bitty, a pocket drum machine that helps people make music anytime, anywhere, with one small device (p.20). We also learned about Alterspace, a Harvard-born pop-up, customizable library experience that has boundless potential (p.22), and tools for hopeful entrepreneurs from the Cambridge Innovation Center (p.14).

For transportation, we learned about the city’s main tips for urban biking (p.18) and how the LivableStreets Alliance fights for social justice (p.16).

We also have several stories outside of this issue’s theme, including a profile on an organization that helps immigrants apply for U.S. citizenship (p.26) and Central Square Florist, which is celebrating its 90th birthday this year (p.28).

So sit back during your T ride, or as you listen to music from your phone, and dig into the Technology & Transportation Issue. We hope you enjoy it!

Reena Karasin

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