DID YOU KNOW: Cambridge is Giving Composting a Try


Composting: It’s not just for hippies anymore! More and more people, including organizations like the EPA, have realized that disposing of food matter this way enriches and cleans contaminated soil while preventing pollution.

Still, it can be a little stinky to keep a composting bin in your own backyard, which is why Cambridge kicked off a pilot curbside composting program last year. The initiative began in North Cambridge last April and currently has more than 600 participants. It was initially planned to continue through the end of this month, though it looks like the deadline has actually been extended through October 26.

In a Department of Public Works video from last May, the city’s recycling director, Randi Mail, explained that the program helps Cambridge meet two important and distinct goals. First, Mail said, composting reduces waste. Perhaps more importantly, she pointed out that getting rid of food this way can reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change.

Interested in learning more? Hear the city’s composting plans—including what Mayor David Maher has to say about recycling and where the compost travels after it’s collected in Cambridge—in the video below. And if you’re interested in taking part in the pilot program yourself, you can find more detailed information at cambridgeMA.gov/compostpickup.