Geek Week backlash at ImprovBoston

ImprovBostonFans of Cambridge’s comedic, geek-chic scene are out of luck.

The popular geek-culture comedy festival, originally slotted for April 16-22 at ImprovBoston in Central Square, is on hiatus after a seven-year run because of an intellectual property battle, reports Marc Levy at Cambridge Day here.

Apparently, founder and organizer Kevin Harrington had issue with ImprovBoston hijacking the Geek Week brand. As a result, many Boston-area comedians are boycotting the venue because of the intellectual property battle. And, unfortunately, the week-long event ImprovBoston is cancelled.

“There was a question who owned the name and the festival itself. It’s indisputable that it was born at ImprovBoston,” Blair Howell told Cambridge Day here. “But there was never even a notion of litigation per se. We never thought it’d be necessary.”

Click here for Levy’s report.