Our Burgers, Ourselves

Hamburgers remain an essential unit of culture of the United States. Ask a fellow citizen where their favorite place is to get a burger and you will start a conversation which will be enthusiastic, passionate, and ripe with anecdotes (“I’ve always wanted to hit a hamburger with a golf club. You gonna be free this weekend?” “I like my burgers like I love my wife: medium.”)

They take different forms: insane towers of toppings, only recommended by the least credible healthcare providers, which virtually dwarf the presence of a patty; simple, satisfying bar burgers which serve as a panacea for the turmoil of the working day; or highly evolved epicurean delights which bear only a topical resemblance to the workday bun and patty of its ancestors. There is a burger for virtually everyone, regardless of income level, dietary restrictions and personal style.

With a topic that is so close to the heart of so many, we present a cross-section of the burger life of Cambridge rather than an exhaustive list. The landscape is vast, filled with classic standbys, experimental upstarts, brilliant successes and re-inventions of the wheel. Why not expand your burger horizons?


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