SCOUT PICKS: PAX Cantabridgia

scout picks

A garden of nerdy delights in this week’s Scout Picks.


Fish Storytime
10:30 – 11:00 am, Free
World’s Only Curious George Store, 1 JFK St.

Come by to hear stories about our friends under the sea! We’ll be reading about fish, sharks, and other swimming creatures for this very fishy storytime and after we’ll create our very own paper plate fish!

Geometry of Nature
10:30 am – 6:00 pm, Free
Multicultural Arts Center, 41 2nd St.

In our excitement for spring, the Multicultural Arts Center presents paintings by CJ Phu. An ephemeral display of bright greens, blues, and oranges, Phu’s acrylic paintings place you in a world of new beginnings – teeming with life. His handling of acrylic is almost evocative of printmaking due to the technique he employs. He chooses to avoid the use of brushes, creating an almost glass-like texture with the paint.

Indies Need Booze Paxy Easty Edition
9 – 10:00 pm, $10
The Asgard, 350 Massachusetts Ave.

Indies need our help. How do we help them? We buy them drinks so they can spend their money on more important game-making activities. Every year around PAX East and MAGfest we have a party celebrating the beautiful people behind all the wonderful indie games. Anyone is welcome though, we’re chill like that.


Life/Unlived: a dream
8 – 10:00 pm, $20, $15 BDA, Seniors, Students
Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave.

DeadFall Dance, a modern dance company will perform “Life/Unlived: a dream”, a new work of reflection, and mystery by choreographer Judith Wombwell. The evening will also include the Boston premier of the company’s Dance on Camera “Flow.” by director Stephen Wicks.

The Silks
10 – 11:00 pm, $7
Atwood’s Tavern, 877 Cambridge St.

Rock and Roll may not be dead, but it does seem like there’s a priest leaning over its bed, reciting the last rites. However, if The Silks have anything to do with it, the body will soon be out of bed, bopping around the room.


Chocolate, Cookies, and other Laser-Cut Edibles
2 – 5:00 pm, $50
danger!awesome, 10 Prospect St.

What’s the only way to make chocolates or cookies better (besides more of them, obviously)?  How about laser cutting them with your own custom design? At the end of this three-hour class, you’ll walk away with unique laser-cut cookie cutters or chocolates designed by YOU. To start you off, templates will be available for a wide variety of shapes, though many students design their pieces from scratch using hand sketches or drawing software.

League Podcast’s Post-PAX Show
7 – 10:00 pm, $10
Middle East Downstairs, 480 Mass Ave.

Close out PAX in style with a showcase of local nerd-rockers In Glove With Bach, Amanda Lepre, Sarah Donner, Adam Rivera (AKA “James K. Folk”), and Glen Raphael.