Colorful Cambridge Boutique Shine to Close Next Month

shine cambridge

Prospect Street’s going to be a little less bright come July, when the quirky, eclectic gift shop Shine closes its doors.

After three years just outside Central Square (106 Prospect St.), the funky boutique, lovingly curated by founder and owner Emma King, is shutting down as its stylish, fearless leader makes a move to the west coast.

“It’s bittersweet, for sure, but it’s an amazing, happy move for us,” King says, though she does admit with a laugh that she feel something like “a hybrid of a headless chicken with a whirling dervish” as she packs up her personal and professional life. “People have been so loving and receptive and warm and enthusiastic, and really incredibly supportive throughout the years that we’ve been here.”

The shop welcomed a steadfast group of loyal regulars in its short, joyful time in Cambridge, and King says that while this is a happy move, she’s going to miss the city and the colorful community she met here here.

But her son is now 10 years old, and Shine was largely a one-woman show, which meant that even when the two of them were at home together, she was working. She’s looking forward to spending time more time with him—especially in California, where she lived for 17 years and where she had her first shop.

“Plus, I’m a lightweight—I never got used to this weather, I’ve gotta say,” she laughs.

If you want to get a (super) early jump on your holiday shopping or just pick up a bunch of kitschy collectibles for your own apartment (guilty!), an everything-must-go sale kicked off last week. King says they’re unloading everything from fixtures to fittings, and she plans to stay open until the shop is bare or through the end of July, whichever comes first.

In the words of a farewell email from the staff: shine on, you crazy diamonds.