Students Walk Out in Support of Michael Brown

A Black Lives Matter protest Februray 23, 2015

Students from Cambridge Rindge and Latin, Harvard Law School, and Harvard College descended onto Harvard Square Monday to protest the decision by a grand jury not to indict Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, Mo., in the shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in August. The group, which swelled to 700, gathered just after 1:30 p.m., according to the¬†Globe.¬†Several students participated in a “die-in,” blocking traffic through the busy square. No arrests were made.

The Boston area, like much of the nation has been witness to unrest since the grand jury announcement on November 24th. More than 1400 demonstrators marched in the streets of Boston the day after the announcement. Black Friday protests took place across Massachusetts and the country, and a parallel protest on Monday was led by high school students from Boston Arts Academy.