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MIT Technology Review Future Compute

Join MIT Technology Review for their newest event: Future Compute 2019. MIT Technology Review’s Future Compute event brings together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, policy leaders and media at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA to explore the fundamental nature of computing across AI, neuromorphic chips, edge computing, 5G, quantum computing, IoT and more.  The […]

Technology and Ethics of Future Humans

A Long Now Boston Conversation with James Hughes, Ph. D. Executive Director, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and Nir Eisikovits, Director, Applied Ethics Center at UMass Boston Humans invent technology to shape the world — but technology also reshapes humans. What will future humans be like? Join Nir, James, and other Long Now thinkers as we […]

Artificial Intelligence Meets Agriculture at Root AI

Let us introduce you to Virgo. Think of it as a farmer’s assistant—one that can tell when tomatoes are ripe and nimbly pluck them. Created by Somerville-founded start-up Root AI, the robot uses artificial intelligence to navigate the complex tasks of indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor farming. And picking tomatoes is just the beginning, according to […]