(PARK)ing Day

Banboche 2019

At Jean Appolon Expressions’ third annual Banboche celebration, join Jean and the entire dance company to celebrate a year full of rich community programming and immerse yourself in Haitian culture. The evening will include dance performances, highlights from our year, unique handcrafted goods, drinks, and dancing for all. Come party with us!

Harmonie Universelle, The Last Rose

Collaboration between Harmonie Universelle (USA) and Elena Kraineva started in 2013 with the recording of trio sonatas for viola d’amore, flute and continuo, which was featured in Albany Recording Catalog (October 2016) as one of 10 bestselling recordings. This program features solo and chamber music for viola d’amore, flauto traverso, and harpsichord, including works from […]

Cambridge Symphony Orchestra presents “Dancing with Demons”

The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra offers its first-ever performance of the symphonic poem The Oak by Florence Price, an early-twentieth-century African-American composer whose works are experiencing a major contemporary renaissance thanks to her distinctive voice. Max Levinson, a member of the piano faculty at both Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory, will join the CSO for Rachmaninoff’s devilish Rhapsody on […]

PARK(ing) Day Reinvents City’s Parking Spots

What could a city do with all the space that’s dedicated to parking? That’s the driving question behind PARK(ing) Day, an international event where cities transform their metered parking spots into public spaces ranging from mini parks to libraries to concerts. Cambridge will reinvent 127 parking spots on Sept. 15, allowing 55 groups to set […]