the chandler gallery

“If You’re a Chair, I’m a Chair” at the Chandler Gallery

The heart of “If You’re a Chair, I’m a Chair,” the latest show at the Chandler Gallery, is a sculpture made of two antique wooden chairs. After cutting them down on their inner sides, artist Hilary Tait Norod bound them together with many layers of different materials, such as yarn, rope and scraps of wood, […]

Impart: Works by Bill Porter

One could argue that the way a story is told can be just as important as the? story itself?. Exploring those nuances is exactly what local artist Bill Porter intends for his new show “Impart.” In this collection, Porter will construct a stunning narrative between contrasting visuals that expresses themes of heritage, identity and the […]

Pints and Postcards

Say goodbye to summer with art, lawn games, and good beer. Make your own postcard, or start your art collection. Try your hand at bocce and lawn games, or just relax in our shady back yard. This is an 18+ event. Beer $5

From the Studios: Artwork by ABC and MMA Students

For anyone who is despondent over the state of today’s youth “From the Studios: Artwork by ABC and MMA Students” at the Chandler Gallery provides a hopeful perspective on the next generation. The outpouring of youthful creativity from students enrolled in Maud Morgan Arts classes and the Agassiz Baldwin Afterschool program is charming: when given […]